Mouse Rants

An uncensored honest oral rhapsody of Walt Disney World, Florida and the Disney company through the eyes of fanatical Disney nerds who have nothing better to do. WDW adult Disney fun! 18+ only, if you dare.

Episode 193: Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Disney (When I Got The Music, I Seriously Want to Puncture My Eardrums)

December 7th, 2020

This week, Jerry and Simone play one last round of their patented Radio Disney Game before the whole thing gets shut down.  So join us as we try to stop each other from hanging ourselves from the rafters of the Haunted Mansion rather than listening to this pop drivel and figure out one final time what these generic songs are trying to tell us.  Who will win this time? (although in the end, do either of us or any of you win?....nah) You'll have to listen to find out on this even-more-torturous episode of Mouse Rants.

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